Anyone have the Amarante Snapped Billfold?

  1. This style of wallet doesn't seen very popular on tpf.

    I looked it up on Elux and it has 6 CC slots instead of 4! :nuts:

    Also, the coin compartment is big enough that I wouldn't need to carry an extra coin purse.

    What do you all think of this wallet? I was thinking about a french purse, but thought it would be too heavy with all that metal and this would be a better and less expensive option for me.
  2. arnott, I have this wallet in amarante. It is compact and fits in my smaller handbags. It even fits in my damier sophie. I chose it because I needed a small/lighweight wallet which holds credits, bills, and coins. It is smaller than Koala or French wallet, so it is really easy to use. I love it.

    And Yes, it does hold six credit cards and the coin compartment is good size! :yes:
  3. I had this in Mono and I LOVED it..wish I hadn't sold it!! I needed something a little bigger but there are times when I wish I had it:smile::smile: You should get one, VERY lightweight and a good size I think..
  4. I have 3 (Vernis Pomme, Mini Lin Dune & Silver Dentelle) & love them. For me it is the perfect size, I only have 3 cards and thanks to LV hardly any money! :p
  5. ^ wow! love them all!
  6. Wow, they're beautiful. How often do you switch them around?
  7. I have this wallet in Pomme with the 6 cc slots. I love it. The change slot is so roomy that I can fit credit cards in there, as well. Highly recommended (from me). I tried the FP and the pochette wallets but didn't like them.
  8. Ooh la la! Is the metal snap closure on the other side? (like the one in the elux pic)

    Any problems with fingerprints?
  9. Yes, the other side has the metal snap for the coin compartment. Yes, the fingerprints are there, but they don't bother me. I got used to them after the first week. Just kind of wipe them off when you see them. It is a perfect compact wallet!
  10. Seems like a great option, and 6 CC slots instead of 4 is a major plus!