Anyone have the Amanda foldover messenger?

  1. So I fell in love w/the Dena messenger...but the dena leather reviews weren't so great. I came across the Amanda, same great versatility. The problem is finding it in any good colors! Even for TB F&F only the bleach was available. So much for waiting for it to go on sale :cool: Even Neimans is low on stock for the tan color. So does anyone here actually have it? Do you love it??,default,pd.html?dwvar_12129698_color=125&start=38&cgid=handbags-shoulder-bags
  2. I don't have this, but I just wanted to say that I think it is a gorgeous bag! I love a number of the bags from the "Amanda" line, specifically the hobo is what I'm eyeing right now.

    Hopefully someone that has one can let you know how they are liking it though! :smile:
  3. Thanks for replying! so weird that it's sold out so many places, but no one here has it. The leather is sooo soft. I'm loving the Amanda line too
  4. I don't have it, but I went with a friend of mine to buy hers at the Tory Burch Meatpacking location. I think it's the perfect bag, considering it can be held as a clutch and worn as a large or small messenger. From what I felt in the store, the leather seems to be really good quality. It's been a couple of moths and I haven't heard any complaints.
  5. I just bought this bag but i find it heavy. I am thinking to either keep it or return it.
  6. I LOVE the look of the Amanda line and have the Amanda Hobo...but pratheeba15 is right - it is heavy!! I have carried it both crossbody and with its handles and by the end of the night, my shoulders are sore...
    Nonethless, this has not deterred me! I have just ordered the Amanda zip wallet!! :graucho:
  7. I have this bag in black and love it. I can only fit my wallet which is big and cosmetic case and phone and the weight is fine for me as a crossbody. If I put anything more than that in it, I am sure it would be too heavy. I use it when I don't need to take everything with me. It is such a classy bag and the leather is awesome!
  8. i bought it in the tribe color. Its so beautiful but i am still in a dilemma to keep or return it.
  9. Is the Robinson lighter? Weight is a factor for me with 6 hand surgeries but I so love the new smaller TB.ofo finally!