Anyone have the Alexander Mqueen Novack?

  1. Do you like it? I'm eyeing the ones on LVR which measure 40cm x 30 x 8 and I can't picture the size--would LOVE to see a pic of someone wearing theirs
  2. Go to the bag showcases -- there is a picture of Fayden carrying hers in her showcase and a picture of mine next to the Muse and a Ferragamo bag in my showcaes.
  3. This is one of my favorite purses, but it scratches easily. I saw one in person on display and it looked terrible. Such a classy purse though.
  4. I saw a ton of those at Nordstrom one was looking at them. The top looks too narrow to get things in and out of easily.
  5. I saw several of these on sale at Saks (5th Ave. NYC flagship store) this evening -- they had one in red, two or three in a brown/dark tan color, and then a smaller version in a color I can't recall right now. Unfortunately the leather on Novaks are prone to scratch, and the on-sale Novaks all had a few scratches on them (some albeit very minor....but the bags just don't seem 100% perfect if you, like me, are super anal about the condition of bags). If anyone is still looking for one though, definitely call up the 5th Ave. Saks and ask the SA's about getting one in good's possible they have more in the back stock room (that have no scratches on them), but I'm not sure.