Anyone have the abbey med (rectangular) shoulder bag?

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  1. Hi,

    Does anyone have any experience with this bag? How do you like it? What do you think about the size?

    I ordered this online during the one day sale but now I'm beginning to have second thoughts. I usually carry small bags (about the size of a sheet of paper or smaller) and wanted to break out of my shell and get a tote. Then I went back and forth since most of the totes didn't have zippered tops (which would drive me nuts!) and I wondered whether a tote would be too big for me (I'm 5'2). So, I just bought this one. Now, I don't know if I made the right decision. Maybe I should have gone with a more trendy style?? Something bigger?? I guess I'm afraid that I ended up buying one that is my usual small size but just a different tote-like shape. I'd really love to see this in a pic so I can see the size. Does anyone have any pics of this?


    abbey medium shoulder bag (retangle shape)
  2. You made a great choice. This bag really is CLASSIC and will probably be around for ever. Alot of people think it is a bit boring but I have the one with the brown trim and I just LOVE it. I think it is very stylish and fits almost everything. I actually find it a bit small at the moment (damn chanel wallets and sunglasses cases are made SO big) and so generally do not use it as an everyday bag (but I did before my "shallow obsessing" over handbags began!!). Good choice I say... can not go wrong with an abbey....:heart:
  3. I've this one in the pink monogram fabric and my mom has one in the platinum leather trim. She is 5'1" and the abbey looks great on her. She carries a lot in it: two wallets, two cell phones, several pocketbooks, address book, cosmetic case and a Peking Duck... just kididng!

    I agree w/ Coco that the abbey is a classic, and practical especially w/ the zipper. I chose this abbey over the other shoulder bag for my mom because of the zipper!

    Hope you enjoy your bag, good choice.
  4. I love the Abbey line. It's a very practical, simple and classic line which is why I am drawn to it. Enjoy your bag, you can't go wrong with it!
  5. You made an excellent choice! Like the others have said, the Abbey line is classic, and will never go out of style. Great line of bags for everyday use. And that gunmetal trim is beautiful!
  6. I remember Beljwl has a picture of the abbey w/ other Gucci bags.
  7. HAHAHA "and a peking duck" LOLS :roflmfao:

    anyway, i agree this is a classic beautiful bag. I would be one of the ones that think its a bit boring but I still really like it. I'm into pretty flashy-in-the-moment bags but the abbey is SUCH a classic. It will last forever and look good with everything. I think when you get it, you MUST post modelling pics for us to decide how it looks on you as sometimes we perceive ourselves worst off than we are!
  8. Let us kow what you decided?>?
  9. Beejerry, that sounds like it is much bigger than I'm thinking. That is quite a bit of stuff with or without the duck! lol

    Coco you are so right about sunglass cases. That's one of the reasons I wanted to upgrade to a larger purse. My usual bags barely hold a large wallet, keys and cell phone with little room to spare, especially not for a huge sunglass case.

    Thanks everyone!! You've made me feel much better about the purchase and I'm sure I'll be even better once it arrives and I can actually hold it.

    I was completely rushed when I bought it. It was literally 11:50pm with only 10 mins. left before the 10% sale ended. lol To complicate matters even more, I was awaiting my site registration approval so I couldn't see any of the pre-sale item pictures to tell whether or not the princy I was contemplating was the same as the one going on sale. It was torture I tell you! lol At about 11:58 I just said forget it and bought the abbey. lol

    Then I spent the next day cruising the sites and looking at the other styles and as luck would have it, my registration came through that morning and I was finally able to see ALL the pictures of the presale items. (Hence the apprehension and bit of buyers remorse. lol) What a great sale!

    But you are all right. The abbey will be a good classic staple piece that I'm sure will stand the test of time. I tell you, this would be much easier if there was a store near me so I wouldn't have to guess at the size and stuff. :smile:

    Thanks again!! I'll give you all an update when it's delivered.
  10. oh my a peking duck... i had to laugh at that beejerry! :roflmfao:
  11. ohh modeling pics when you get it! yay!

  12. :heart: my friend has the same one....shes 5'2 will look good on u..
    dont worry!
  13. I tried it on in the store. Beautiful bag. I didn't get it because I'm planning on getting another tote instead.
  14. I think it's perfect for your height, I tried it on in the store and it wasn't overwhelming (I'm 5'1). I think the size of the tote is a little bit bigger than a piece of paper.
  15. Now we have to see pics!!! Make sure you post some!!:heart: