anyone have the 07 black city?

  1. is this one available yet?
  2. I just got my new black city yesterday. I upgraded beacause my old one was very worn down and old. I really like the new one. It will take a little time to get her all nice and smooshy.
  3. d-girl - can you post your pics??? I NEVER get tired of looking @everyone's black cities!!!:yes:
  4. Heres my new one. I had to retire my old one, it was long over due.
  5. You did it! Isn't it beautiful!!! Black is so classic!:yahoo: Tell us about the leather?
  6. Ladies, now I WANT one, too! :nuts: The leather on it looks really nice and thick, and it's just such a nice style. Hmmm...maybe this'll be my next Bbag purchase...
  7. At first, I wasn't sure how'd I like it, because my old one was really worn in. but, I have to say I absolutely love it. The leather is nice and thick, so shiney and just beautiful!! I love black it's so classic! I usually treat the handles only, but it's so pretty I don't want to do that, or even use it at that!
  8. awh i love it!! :love: do you have anymore pics? is the leather more shiney than last years?
  9. It looks gorgeous! I'd love to see some close-ups.
  10. are these new bags shiney? i am looking for something in a matte finish, not shiney
  11. I will get some more pics tonight. They are not as shiny as the picture looks. But, they have a bit of shine (which I love). I will take some without the flash too.

  12. yea i prefer the matte too
  13. i love ur bag....D's absolutely gorgeous and number one on my list :smile:

    more pics please....
  14. Here's some more pics. :yes:
    back.jpg front2.jpg front.jpg