anyone have that 'two-tone' hair color?

  1. i'm thinking of getting my hair done with the 'two-tone' hair color, a lighter color on top and darker on bottom. anyone have their hair colored that way and could share pictures? i need something to show my stylist and haven't been able to find much on the internet. :[ thanksss!
  2. i think, the whole two tone thing is hott, but you have to make it a little different. Alot of girls have two tone, darker top & lighter bottom. Sometimes girls have the opposite, but alot of girls try twisting the trend a bit to make it unique, think up something that might be more unique. This girl I know Hayley, has her hair two toned, but its wayyy different. This is my favorite two toned hair color.

    I HOPE she doesnt get mad at me posting this! :Push:
    432824629_l.jpg 568533349_l.jpg 862865344_l.jpg
  3. ah, those colors look really good on her. i'm a brunette, so if i'm thinking my natural color on top with thick black and dark brown chunks underneath.
  4. My friend is doing something like that, but her top is going to be black and the bottom is going to have thick platinum streaks.

    I think it would be hott if you left your hair from the top of your ear up your natural color, and the hair from the top of your ear down, streaked black & darker brown. Just make sure all the colors blend together.

    can I see a pic of you? or at least your hair or something?
  5. that's kind of what i'm thinking i'm going to end up doing. i don't want half of my head one color and half the other, i think i just want highlights on the bottom half of my head, if that makes sense.

    i attached a picture of me. my hair kind of already looks two toned, but its not for the most part, its mainly a light/med. brown.
    DSC00716 copy.jpg
  6. Does anyone have more pics w/ the two toned thing those pics are great but I think I need more inspiration
  7. I need just a pic of the bleach blonde top and the black bottom..
    My mom won't let me dye my hair until she sees a picture
  8. I do but I'm having trouble finding pictures where you can actually see it. Here are some from a Xmas party. Please excuse the silly pics! :nuts:
    mehbc2006.jpg eb995135.jpg mewallpunch.jpg
  9. I think if you have naturally dark hair then maybe try auburn highlights on top and try not to have it painted on in thin strips, but a lil chunky so it looks more natural...thats what I did and I got Alot of compliments on it..sorry i dont have any pics :sad:my digicam is at my sisters house but ill try to take some soon
  10. i have two tone hair! sorry no pics though.
    my hair is dark brown in the bottom and the top is curtained (a small amount of the top of my hair) is died deep chestnuty red. my fav hair cut yet.
  11. I need one too, did you ever find a pic? I went to the salon but the girl that works there needs a pic.
  12. Here's a pic of mine taken quite a while ago. :graucho: Good luck!
  13. That two tone hair was hot about 2 years ago but now I don't see women wearing it. This one girl at the drugstore I shop at had long hair with brown underneath and the lightest blond on top. It looked so beautiful but I think she was a natural blond so the top blond color would always look good. I don't know how it would look with roots growing out if you do different colors from you base color. I think the above picture of dancing queen looks great, the colors are so beautiful and her cut is very cool.
  14. I'm 43, think I'm too old for the two-tone thing?
  15. ^ never! it's all a matter of HOW it's done. two colors with less contrast and a more classic cut (rather than the textured, spikey and shaggy look) would look great.