anyone have tango (short strap)?

  1. hi, ever since getting a damier speedy i'm really wanting to get another damier piece. i "need" a shoulder bag and was considering the tango with the short shoulder strap. i was wondering if anyone had this bag and could you tell me what you like or don't like about it? it doesn't seem like it can hold a lot. any opinions would be appreciated. tia!
  2. I have the Mono Tango with the short strap. I can put my French Purse and Poche Toilette 19 in there but that's about it. I can also squeeze in my little cell and some keys and it is full to capacity. I don't use it daily as I need more room.
  3. I had one, but sold it. It was a nice size bag, but I really couldn't put a lot in it. It held my phone, wallet, and keys. Not much room for a cosmetic bag or a comb or brush. I guess it depends on how much you need to carry.
  4. I have one in Damier...I can fit a Marc Jacobs Zip Clutch, cell phone, keys, sunglasses, pen, pencil. It's small, but functional.
  5. thanks for the info! i think i'll consider a larger bag since i like to lug around quite a few things in my bag!
  6. I have one and I love it! It's a great shoulder bag (or clutch) for a shopping trip! It fits my md.size wallet, a and my cell phone. Not much room for anything else.

    Here's some pics of me with it.
  7. I had one but sold it...
    It's a great shoulder bag
  8. i have the tango with short strap, i don't like it coz it looked more like an office purse, i can't wear it casually.
  9. thanks for the photos, mello yello jen. the bag looks great on you. just when i thought i had decided against it, now you've got me having second thoughts..... hahaha
  10. Jen Such Great Pictures!!!!

    I Have This Bag, Too! It Was One Of My Birthday Gifts In 2001......I Still Adore It!!!!! It's One One My Favorite Shoulder Bags. It's Small & Compact (It's Much Roomier Than My Pochettes).........I Say Go For It!!!
  11. That bag is soooo cute! I think it will be next on my list after I buy a Batignolles Vertical :yes:
  12. Thanks! It really is a great bag, I'm glad you're reconsidering :graucho: Great avatar!!!

    Thank you! It's one of my fave shouder bags too :love: