Anyone have suggestions on cute nude ballet flats?

  1. Besides Lanvin, are there any other designers out there that make some cute, comfy nude ballet flats?

  2. Oh! im no help, sorry! I was about to suggest Lanvin heh heh
  3. Christian Louboutin has some in nude patent.
  4. why don't your try london sole? I have a pair and it is super comfy.
  5. repetto and delman are the ones i find to be most affordable/ classic... i'm pretty sure they both make nude flats, but they're prob. harder to track down...
  6. thanks everyone!!
  7. Dior makes some really cute nude flats for $395. Not really ballet, but I love them. Also, J Crew has a really good selection of ballet flats this season.
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  8. sue london