Anyone have stock update for Woodbury outlet?

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  1. Has anyone been to the Woodbury outlet lately? My friend is flying home for Thanksgiving and she might be able to make a trip up to the outlets. However, we were wondering if it was even worth it and if there's anything left at that store. Thanks! ;)
  2. 2 weeks ago I went to woodbury, and these are what they had (they are 40% off retail):

    4 paradiso ciaos, some AS ciaos
    1 paradiso luna
    3 inferno trenino, and some fumo trenino
    1 inferno nuvola, and some fumo novula
    2 AS campeggio, some bianco and fumo campeggio
    3 AS BVs
    3 AS bella, 1 bianco bella
    some AS stellina
    2 AS canguro
    1 AS bocce
    1 Pirata bocce
    2 Pirata corriere

    thats all I remember, they might have more...
    hopefully this helps!
  3. Thanks, Azumie! That's definitely helpful. :smile: