Anyone have specific breeds of cats? Come in!

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  1. We're not sure, because we adopted him from an animal shelter and don't have papers for him but we are strongly convinced our cat Louis is a Turkish Angora.

    Here's the picture from Wikipedia:


    Here he is hanging out on my mom's couch:

    This is him at Christmas:

  2. He very much looks like an Angora to me; he's gorgeous!

    I have two Ocicats: so many people don't even know the breed and just stare at them and call them "miniature leopards" :P
  3. Here he is two years ago:


    And here he is as a baby:

  4. He's sooo cute! I love his little folded paws in the couch pic, my kitty often sits in the "loaf of bread" position too.
  5. ^^ Thanks! My mom calls it his Buddha Pose.
  6. He is adorable!! I have 4 Maine Coon cats. They are huge beautiful cats with great personalities.
  7. He's beautiful! I subscribe to Cat Fancy magazine and they always have pictures of cool looking cats!
  8. Here's Bella. [​IMG]

  9. I have a Maine Coon also. I love the breed.
  10. I want a Russian Blue one day (to go with my blue Great Dane :P )