Anyone have some pictures of sunglasses with the fleurs like Ursula?

  1. My SA was telling me about a new pair of black sunnies that came in.
    She said the shape was closer to an Obsession square, but it had the fleurs on the sides like the Ursula has, and these fleurs are glittery silver coloured instead of the plain solid ones the Urusla has.
    I love the Ursula Gm shape, especially in Honey Glitter, but I already have 2 pairs of brownish shades: Armandos and Desmayos...

    So I really need (lol) some black LV shades.

    Does anyone have any pics of these new shades? TIA!
  2. I might be going to LV tomorrow... if they have them in stock, I'll see if I can get a pic of them! ;)
  3. Weeee! Thanks, John! :biggrin: Hope you get to see them!