Anyone have Sinus surgery???

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  1. I am scheduled for sinus surgery, has anyone ever had it? Any advise?
  2. What kind of surgery? Are you having it for chronic sinusitis/sinus infections?
    One of my good friends was a swimmer and kept getting sinus infections. After months of taking antibiotics, he got the surgery and it really helped clear up his sinusitis. Unfortunately if the underlying problem is still there (ie chronic irritation and infections which eventually cause blockage of the sinus drainage pathways), there is a chance that the sinus infections can come back.
  3. My sinuses are filled and maybe blocked, my doctor thinks chronic sinusitis . I actually am basically asymptomatic. Antibiotics did not clear it up so he wants to drain and view.
  4. i had it done. When i was 13 . It made it alot better. I dont know how it has changed its been Omg 14 yrs ( time flies) but i had a problem since the doctor was just for the sinus problem he left my nose broken. So i had to get a nose job when i was 19 . But i feel alot better i breathe better and i dont snore any more. Good Luck!! Also what i remember is that at night was uncomfortable bc they put cotton inside the nose and i couldnt breathe and my mouth got very dry. But remember i did this 14 yrs ago so i hope they do it different now.
  5. Had it done, (i had deviated septum reconstruction and my sinuses drained) uhh two years ago now, and really needed it done for about two years before that, but my docs said that i wasnt finished developing and to wait. so i had it done and it was fantastic! i havent had any sinus infections since, my allergies are still with me though. No real pain and I was practically healed the next day. Was afraid of getting bashed in the nose for a few months after...
  6. fairlady, did you get the surgery yet? I am planning on getting it done. I have a deviated septum on my left side, so he is going to do a septoplasty, and then remove inflamed tissue on both sides to open my sinuses up more. I have heard it takes about a week to recover...any input??