Anyone Have Side-By-Side Pics Of Small Sophia & Madison Tote?

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  1. I'm thinking an aubergine patent Sophia might be hard to find, since no one has reported seeing any of those yet. I am considering tracking down an aubergine patent tote instead, but I'm unsure if the size will work for me due to it having a more boxy shape than Sophia. So does anyone have side-by-side pics of a Madison tote with a small Sophia? I have compared the measurements of each bag, but I think a pic of the two bags together would give me the best idea of whether or not the tote will work for me. Thanks in advance!

  2. A friend texted me yesterday and said she has one on hold at her store in the patent Sophia.......

    I think the tote is larger than the Sophia..

    I hope someone will post pics
  3. Hmmm tote's measurements are very close to Sophia's according to website.
  4. Wow, she's a lucky girl! I have yet to see anyone report any Sophia sightings in aubergine patent. I think the tote is larger too, but I'm curious as to *how much* larger. The boxiness is what's throwing me off. Now if I found a tote for $98 like you did, I could probably learn to love it even if it wasn't love at first sight LOL.

  5. A friend just got the tote and she has the small sophia so I asked her to send me a pic of them together
  6. Awesome! Thank you! :biggrin:
  7. I had that tote. To me it was larger then the small sophia. I do not own a small sophia now but I did at one time and it was just too small for my needs. I think the tote holds as much as lindsey or larger sophia.

  8. thanks thanks thanks
  9. Thanks! That helps me out a little bit. It sounds like it *might* be a little too big for me, but I'm still not 100% sure lol. I think it it was more of a rounded shape I'd probably be okay with the size. I find Abigail to be a bit big on me, but I can deal with it due to her shape. Hmm.
  10. Just talked to a manager in FL and she said that the tote is much larger than small sophia and wider.
  11. ^Sounds like it may not be for me then, but if I can find one at my closest outlet I'll try it on and see what I think. Thanks!
  12. Here you go. Prob not the best picture comparison picture, but I personally feel Madison tote is slightly larger (definitely wider) than Sophia
    my coach 3.jpg

  13. you rock
  14. Glad to share and 'enable' anyone in need. :smile: Did someone find the tote at $98?? Wow! What a lucky find! That's just too good a price for such a lovely bag!

  15. Yes a FRIEND found the patent aubergine- 98$

    I think I am getting the acorn in the tote ;)