Anyone have shoes by Jean-Michel Cazabat?

  1. Hi ladies:smile: This is the first time I've searched the entire Purse Forum and not a single thread came up!! I just found these fabulous shoes by Jean-Michel Cazabat (remind me of some S & M style Carrie Bradshaw would wear...:smile:, and I'm wondering if anyone has Cazabat shoes and knows how they fit. Do they run big/small? Are they comfortable? I'm just trying to figure out what size to order- I'm normally a 7.5, and I take a 37.5 in Prada shoes, but a half to full size larger in Louboutins. Any advice?? Thanks!:smile:

  2. *bump*

    Ok, so there's truly no one out there who has this brand of shoe??? They're sold at all the fine department stores, SOMEone must have bought a pair... anyone??:smile:
  3. Hi Bella,
    I do own a pair of his shoes, and I absolutely adore them. I think that they run true to size from what I remember but I will check the box tonight and let you know for sure. That is a great brand!
  4. ^Thanks Kamilla!! Anyone else own a pair of Cazabat shoes??
  5. I own a pair! They are beautiful. I think they run true to size as well. Post pics when you get them!
  6. I own 2 pairs. True to European size. I don't find them particularly comfortable, but they aren't too bad either.
  7. I also have a pair...gorgeous green suede...and mine are also TTS. I love the ones pictured!!!