Anyone have Sherry Wolf bags?

  1. I am in love with Sherry Wolf's Ballerina Tote but I can't find them anywhere except Bluefly which only had one black Ballerina Tote. Is this brand new? Anyone have them? They're so pretty!
  2. I bought a SWolf bag (Jenna) not too long ago, on impulse, from an online boutique that went out-of-business a couple of weeks later. I know I saw a SWolf bag online at Nordstrom. The one you want is very pretty!
  3. sorry hav no idea!
  4. I have this one:

    I love it! The leather is soft and smooshy and the lining is a bright pink that makes me smile when I open the bag. Roomy with lots of pockets, and the strap is adjustable to 3 different lengths - overall a nice attention to detail.
    I was actually looking at the ballerina bag as well in the green, but the whipstiching has me kind of on the fence...
    Nordstroms carries Sherry Wolf bags sometimes, but other than that her site and Bluefly are the only places i have seen them. HTH!
  5. I bought a ballerina bag off of eBay. It's a wine/burgundy color. I have bought 5 bags since but my sherry wolf is the only one I carry! It's the perfect size for me. The leather is soft and wonderful and the weight is perfect. I'm thinking of getting it in black. For me, it's just the perfect bag. I get compliments from strangers all the time.