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Anyone have/seen the Velvetine "Iggy" bag?


Apr 2, 2007
hi there!!

i do have this bag and have been lousy about a photo shoot but i promise i'll do it as soon as i'm over this flu!

in the meantime, language uploaded some better modeling shots here:

[before they only had a pic of the black bag, without a model]

my impressions of the bag:

1. the first thing that i noticed about the bag was the *smell* - and i don't mean in a bad way :nuts:. it is really leathery - in a way that is different or more intense than my other bags. it is hard to explain but it has an old fashioned leather smell. nothing your dinner date would notice - you have to get up close to sniff it.

2. the hardware - is reallllly nice IMO. it's a gleaming shiny gold that offers a perfect counterpoint to the kind of boho styling of the bag.

3. the leather - mine is chocolate - is soft and smooth and kind of veiny. it's more or less regular in color and texture, although some areas are more buttery than others. it's more 'finished' than bulga or the HH matte leathers. IMO it is most comparable to the RM leather i've seen.

4. size - i love the way this bag drapes and call me crazy but i think its flattering and elongating/slimming but without being ridiculously long. i ordered a giorgio brato messenger from shopbop and it hit me at my knees and i'm 5-7. you can't fit a ton inside this bag (but i should say i'm a big bag kind of girl - weekenders as everyday bags). i tried a magazine (rolled up) and it kind of poked out the side. you can comfortably fit a wallet, cell, keys, a makeup bag, probably a bottle of water and a small book (but nothing 8x11 sized). IMO this is a bag for weekend shopping or a daily bag if you travel light, not a daily bag if you're someone like me who needs to carry books/papers/folders.

5. the needlenose closure - really cute and clever but i rarely use it. it's easy to reach into the folds of the bag without having to mess with the needlenose

6. price - the price of the velvetine bags is on the rise. they were ~400 last fall according to one e-tailer i saw, and were up to ~500 retail when i purchased (i used a 20% off coupon). language now has them listed at 595. my thought is to strike ASAP. i feel like the bag definitely deserves the price i paid. but i personally am not sure i would pay 600 for any bag at this point in my life. but the bag does have a posh feel... :love:

i'll get the bf to take some modeling shots of me when i'm out of the sick ward.

any specific qu's you want answered? lemme know! :flowers:


May 1, 2007
Thank you so much Jandelvis !!!
I'm so sorry you had to type all of that when you were sick!!
I really appreciate it :smile:

You've answered everything!

I plan to get the bag, but I'd really like a discount.
I was hoping language would have another 20% off coupon because the economy's been slow...

Take care of yourself & get well soon!