Anyone have **really** good pictures of the Chili (Hudson)?

  1. I need to make a decision and I'm so unclear of how this Chili color looks - the pics I've seen so far are kind of at a distant and not in true light - I like the black/grey combo too....thanks you for directing me to some more pics :smile:
  2. This is the best photo I have... HTH!
  3. I love the Chili color combo. I think it is really unusual. In person, it almost seems to have plum-ish undertones. I would love to have a bag in this color. Yum!
  4. this was my chilli trish... dang i shouldn't have sold that one!


  5. OMG that Trish looks amazing on you!!
    .... Err... I mean, it looks hideous, good thing you sold it! ;)
  6. Here are pics of my Chili I just got it. The darker pics are true to life color. The one where the striping is lighter shows how the bag looks in photos where flash was used (third photo from the left). The striping is actually much more subtle in real life.
    mj.jpg mj2.jpg flash.jpg
  7. thanks ladies! I definitely want to find a Chili Hudson (or Trish!!) now....I love this color combo SOOOO much :smile:
  8. i think i posted this pic up somewhere before, this is a stock photo but someone commented that the color is true to life. HTH :smile:

  9. ^It is absolutely gorgeous!
  10. These are beautiful!
  11. This thread is making me want a Chili something! Those are great pics. Before I got my Military/Rubino Hudson, I wanted the Chili Hudson. I love the Chestnut, too.
  12. Me too, Chili is so beautiful, can you imagine how delicous the big striping bowler would look in Chili? :nuts:
  13. Thst striping bowler would be beautiful in Chili. I don't think I have seen the striping bowler in person, just a pic. It looks big. I like it, though. They seem pretty rare.