Anyone have Plomb and Ink?

  1. i ordered a steel RH work from bal ny, but i'm worried that it's a bit too similar to ink...
    anyone have both styles that can do a photo comparison?

  2. giving this a bump...
  3. From what I've seen.. I have the Plomb / Steel City & it has a dark grey look with blue-ish undertones. From what I've seen through pictures other Pf'ers have posted on Ink.. it looks more bluey-purplish. I don't own a ink but heres a Plomb pic. There's a Ink vs. Antra thread.. that has pix of the ink. Hope that helps a LiL... :smile:

  4. Oh! This steel City is absolutely beautiful!!! :drool:
  5. I have a steel city and I cannot imagine that it looks similar to ink. Since you have an ink bag, you know what it looks like. Steel doesn´t have purple undertones, just sometimes (depending on the light) it looks a LITTLE blueish. Steel is a really nice dark grey and very versatile.
  6. I have an Ink Purse and have seen Steel in person...they look nothing alike. Hope that helps. :smile:
  7. I used to have Ink and have seen Steel IRL and I don't think they look alike either ...
  8. thanks gals...
    i saw a steel gsh pt at Barneys beverly hills, but i had my anthratwiggy with me...
    the light in there was pretty bad, and my bf thought it looked like my ink city, so i got a bit paranoid...
  9. If you have an Ink, you will be totally safe with a Plomb :tup:
  10. Ink and Plomb are completely different, their only similarity is the fact that they're both dark. Ink is a dark purple whereas Plomb is a really dark gray. Both are beautiful and all of the Plomb bags I've seen have gorgeous yummy leather.
  11. thats a gorgeous plomb! goodness, each colour is unique!:nuts:
  12. Here's mine with 06 INK Clutch (sold to a lovely pfer member) and 06 INK work. I would say that INK has the blue-purplish's different than steel color as it's more into darker grey with some blue-ish undertones.

    KIF_1514.1.JPG KIF_1488.1.JPG