Anyone have pictures of the new washed caviar?

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  1. I heard it's less pebbly-looking and not as durable than the caviar on the older bags. Just really wanted to see what the washed looks like up against the older caviar.
  2. I got this washed caviar bag at the beginning of the year. This is the only picture I have but I think you can see the texture pretty well. It's much softer and squishy then the old caviar and does not hold it's shape as well. I don't think it wears as well either which as someone brought up is because it's not glazed.

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  3. Interesting! Thank you so much! I do keep reading that the older caviar is more preferred. I'm trying to decide in getting the washed caviar or older caviar for the Medallion tote. I guess for a tote the older caviar so it doesn't lose its shape?
  4. I would definitely want the medallion tote in the older caviar!
  5. They do look different from eachother. I think washed has a slightly more matte finish compared to unwashed which will be shiny and stiff. Whereas the washed is softer to the touch. I love the pink fuchsia because of the look of the matte style!
    But it really depends on what you'd prefer!
  6. Older caviar for sure. It'll give the tote more structure and won't 'collapse'