Anyone have pictures of Christmas 2017 collection?

  1. Just in case anyone has any info! It's coming out this Friday !
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  2. Check lvloverccs Instagram. She just posted! I want to know the price of the coin purse. It's to die for!
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  3. I just saw pic on her instagram as well and in love with the coin purse too!
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  4. IMG_1503425087.187361.jpg
  5. Thanks for sharing. At first I was considering the coin purse, and the passport holder. But seeing the polar bear on the coin purse, it's soooo cute!!
  6. We know this comes out this Friday?
  7. I love these. I hope to get my hands on the mini pochettes and coin purse. Best thing the giraffes are not too wintery and totally justifiable with the penguins. Plus I need a new coin purse. Hope it has a clip attached.
  8. September 1st
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  9. I looked at it in the store today, it was $375.

    I was on the wait list for this item and it came in today for me to look at (but not purchase). I ended up not buying it because it did not have a clip attached and seemed really big and rather bulky for a coin purse. I personally was really disappointed. Hoping the pochettes live up to expectation.
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  10. IMG_1503458797.473471.jpg
  11. Thanks for the heads up. I always miss the Christmas collection. Not this time! I definitely want the coin purse.
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  12. SA told me today Friday. But 9/01 Friday. Not this one.
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  13. does anyone know the price of the sarah wallet and passport? i am on the list for the coin and mini pochette already. so adorable!
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