anyone have picts of what fits in a mini ribera?

  1. :sweatdrop:
  2. it's pretty small. i'd say it's comparable, in size, to a denim pleaty or a mini noe.
  3. i've never seen either in person! well the pleaty yes, but i never tried it in real.
  4. Ok, I'll do it. Enjoy!



    And there is still room for more.
  5. :nuts: thats a lot!!! for that little bag
  6. It is a cute but tiny little bag. I saw a girl carrying one in Macy's last week. She couldn't even zip it closed...but it looked real FAB! Goll luckn in getting your's!
  7. I have one it can fit alot!! A vernis French Wallet, My Sony E Cell phone, My Epi Key holder, A Chanel powder compact and Anna Sui Mirror..!! And, there is still little bit room left..!
  8. oh, i LOVE your hello kitty compact!
  9. cute little bag!