Anyone have pics of Vert d'eaus with GH?

  1. Hi girls,

    Does anyone have Vert d'eaus with GH?

    I heard that this one is really really gorgeous!

    I was thinking of getting GH Work in cream or sandstone, but my friend recently tod me that Vert d'eau GH is so pretty and perfect for the summer.

    I've been looking for the picture but was not successful...

    I'd greatly appreciate if you post one for me !:smile:
    Thank you!
  2. OOH!! Yes, please!! I've never seen a V d'E with GH!
  3. I remember seeing one on here. Cant remember whose it is(sorry). it is gorgeous.


  4. WOW--that's beautiful! If anyone has seen one recently available, please let me know! I've been wanting a VdE but now I think I want it with GH.,..and I want it NOW!!! :p
  5. Thank you so so much for the picture-
    It is really pretty and now I am totally torn btw this and cream( Ivory?) GH...
    and where can I get this ? Has anyone seen this in any dept stores or boutiques?
    I really want to see this in person now!
  6. Try BalNY. As of May 13, they still had Vert D'eau in GH Part Times and Days (no Works). Ask for Kim if you don't already have a favorite SA ... she's a great SA and she took the trouble to send me these pics of a part time when I was inquiring (I didn't end up buying):

  7. Oh wowzer! They are gorgeous. Great thread and such a gorgeous colour mix of aqua & gold mmmmmm!