Anyone have pics of they're butane jane??

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  1. I just nabbed the avocado green butane off ebay!!! Yaaaaeeehhh!! Im in such a green mode right now, do any of you tano babes have pics of yours for me to see?? Thanxxx!
  2. Good for you! Please post pics when you get her, I haven't seen this one other than stock photos.
  3. Congrats! Can't wait to see pics, please take modeling pics as well!!!
  4. That sounds like a great combo... Jane in avacado! I am itching for a Butane Jane, but haven't found one available in the right color just yet. What a nice find for you!!
  5. thanx all,,, ill definitly post some pics of butane,,, looks like we need some of her,,, there are hardly any of her in action.