anyone have pics of the movie Spanglish w/Tea Leoni carrying the YSL Mobassa bag?????

  1. Hello,

    Does anyone have pics of Teo Leoni within the movie Spanlish carrying the YSL Mombassa bag?

    There is a scene within the movie where she fills a Mombassa bag with a few things and grabs it as she is heading out for a date with her lover, and she is talking to her mom within the movie saying 'not now mother' ....etc.

    I have looked everywhere and if anyone could help me out I would be truly grateful.

    Thank you so much within advance for your assistance. best wishes!

  2. All I have is a Nicole Ritchie pap picture carrying hers!
  3. sorry, the only pic i found is with this bag but it's not a YSL. :sad: