Anyone have pics of Speedys with a Cles?

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  1. I am looking for pictures of Speedy with a Cles hanging off of it. Specifically Monogram Canvas ... I have tried to search for it, but can't find anything!
  2. Sure! This is my old mono Speedy 30 w/ my new Pomme Cles!!! (btw, the red looks bright in the pics... it's so my prettier and deeper irl!!)

  3. Here's a few pics....HTH! :yes: ;) (btw: they are both 30s)

  4. Here ya go:

    Damier 25 n Pomme Cles
    Mono 25 n Pomme Cles
    damier n cles.jpg mono n cles.jpg
  5. do any of you actually carry keys on the cles?
  6. Oh, is that what they're for? Just kidding. I haven't yet. I have my keys on a tiffany key star key chain so don't feel the need to take them off. I basically use my cles as eye candy.
  7. I attach my keys to my mono cles! :yes:
  8. hum, i don't have a mono, but i do have a Azur speedy:yes:
    Azur bubble.jpg Azur & me.jpg
  9. ^same here. LOL eye candy! Since the Groom cles has screen printing I'm afraid the keys may scratch/rub it off. Also being a LE I'd like to keep it in good condition. So..yep, I like to use it for eye candy!! Dress my bags up, give them a different look. :yes:

    I do throw lil notes inside my cles, or that lil wipe thingy to clean eyeglasses, or lil cell batt (for backup), whatever is small and I need easy/quick access. (btw: also use my Groom Ronde for the same reasons).