Anyone have pics of Heidi M.s MAXIM pics?

  1. i saw her on the cover, but was in a hurry, anyone have pics??
  2. [​IMG]



    1.jpg 2.jpg 3.jpg 4.jpg
  3. one more:

    5.jpg new 1.jpg new 2.jpg
  4. ^ somehow i couldn't insert the other two pics, so here again:


  5. i hate to admit, but she has a cute body.
  6. ^ :yes:.
  7. She looks great!
  8. these are def. nice pics of her, I would think they were nicer if I hadn't already seen her posing in other random pictures while she sitting on the beach by herself though! Her body no doubt is Hot, just not into her face.
  9. that chick is not pretty at all. sorry but can't stand to see her face its not cute :hrmm:
  10. ^^^:yes: Nothing about her is attractive. I wonder if that month's subscription plummeted.
  11. She's so hot!
  12. She looks great in these pics
  13. she has a great figure on her, that is undeniable.
  14. Great body, I'll give her that.

  15. :roflmfao::lol:

    probably, she is only a celeb to people who watch MTV, and like reality shows