Anyone have pics of French Blue next to Cornflower? :)

  1. Guys.... If anyone has pics of French Blue next to Cornflower... can you post? I looked through the color threads but I don't see any where those two are next to each other! :smile: Thanking you in advance...
  2. Here is my Cornflower Day and Shasta's FB City. :smile:I hope this will help you to choose your Blue.:p
    DSC00632.jpg IMG_2643 (2).JPG
  3. Nanaz... you rock. :smile: I've been trying to figure out if I want the Blueberry or French Blue or Cornflower. How did you decide? LOL.

    I thought I had a lead on a French Blue Day today, but when I had my SA from Nordys call the other SA at Nordys in Sacramento... No dice!
  4. Anyone have any pics of the two bags in the same pic? :smile: I just wanted to see how "close" they were to each other... I know the FB is super duper bright... but maybe thats what I need... a bit of brightness. lol
  5. Well it all depends on your wardrobe and which color is more versatile for you to use. I still can't decide which Blue i should stick with because every each one of them has its own pros and cons. I get tired of things so quickly so i think FB would have not worked for me. It is a gorgeous color but i know in few weeks i would get tired of it (this is just me). Have you ever considered Periwinkle (Blue Glacier) or Blue India? I love BI and i think you can still find it at NM in the Day style. Good luck with your decision.:heart:
  6. I love my cornflower city! It's not as in your face as FB so it depends on what you like. Blue glacier is ver pretty too! Also it depends if you like veins, because the cornflowers are very veiny xx
  7. yes i agree... my cornflower box is very veiny and I love that about's a magnificent color and I get compliments everytime I carry her...
  8. :drool::drool::drool: I love this thread. I soooo wanted a French Blue City...Here's to hoping the SS 08 Electric Blue will be just as cool...
  9. All I have is a comparo of Cornflower (the Oval), Bleu Galcier and Anthracite.

    My cornflower seems a lot darker and brighter than many pics I have seen:


  10. Wooo Electric Blue? Wow... does anyone know what its gonna look like? :smile: