anyone have pics of Elisa? or recommend other dark brown bag?

  1. i'm thinking about a brown Elisa - anyone have real life pics?

    i'm basically looking for a dark brown/chocolate/mahogany bag, all leather. any suggestions? don't want a Carly. i typically like duffles, satchels, and smaller bags.

  2. Here's my Walnut Elisa Duffle...
  3. Thanks! How do you like her? What is the lining inside? Can you post the style # and the price?
  4. The Legacy Thompson Hobo will be available in February (maybe able to order now?) in a darker brown. I don't recall if it's Mahogany or Chestnut, but it's a nice deep color.

    Here it is in the lighter Toffee color, I just ordered it for myself today!
  5. ^^ Is the hobo as big as the duffle? The details on the Elisa are beautiful!
  6. I'm not sure about the dimensions of the Elisa, but the Thompson Hobo is 16 3/8 (L) x 15 3/8 (H) x 2 (W).

    WAY bigger than my usual bags (I currently carry a Leigh) but I can't wait to get it!
  7. Thanks, ferret! I love the look of it but I've got a vintage ergo hobo and a magenta bleecker that I use as my bigger bags. I'm afraid that although it turns my head, I wouldn't get any use out of it! I love the Walnut in the Elisa too! Looks like I just have to keep drooling over you all's pictures! :drool:
  8. I love my mahogany patent tote. Its dark brown and super easy to wear and care for.
  9. First, I really love the style, she's roomy and the front pockets are huge! The interior lining is the Tattersall Plaid, which is very nice and has fun colors. The Bleecker Elisa is style 11447 and she retails for $748.

    It was originally released only in the Walnut pictured, and that color is sold-out. However, it will released in more colors soon: Navy, British Tan, Geranium, Camel and Natural Vachetta. I've seen the British Tan and it's not as dark as this Walnut, but it's a rich deep brown.
  10. thanks! ooh...i'm in love with tattersall lining.
  11. Wow Coach just keeps on giving!!!!! This is a wow tote! It's one of those bags that you just have to see in person!:yes:
  12. IMGP0479tpf.jpg IMGP0506tpf.jpg
  13. I was actually rather shocked when I got one today. No one ever shows the strap in their pictures so I actually didn't know it was braided or that the buckles had a "tarnished" look.