Anyone have pics carrying/holding a parchment Sabrina? TIA!

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  1. I'm thinking about buying this bag, but have only seen a couple of photos, none of which show the bag in use. Thanks!
  2. I'm dying to get my parchment Legacy.....hopefully someone will post. I'm worried about the light color of the bag bleeding the color of my clothes....does anyone know about that either?
  3. If I remember(or if I'm feeling generous. haha), I'll post one when I get home. I have the parchment Sabrina but mine has this weird pencil mark stain thing that I haven't been able to get out, and my plaque is also turning black (it's not tarnish, now I've determined) cause it has a different finish than the other plaques.
  4. sending many a generous thoughts to you sexycombover (sorry, I just snorted over your user name)~!
  5. Try saying my user name out loud a few times. It has a nice ring to it~
    And yeah. if I'm not slammed at work and pass out when I get home, I'll probably take photos (photoshop myself to death and crop my head out. Wooo).
  6. Ohhhh, please do! I would be ever so grateful! Really want to see more pics of this bag. I'm debating whether or not I should get the parchment or black/silver. The only thing holding me back is the logo discoloration I've been hearing about in regards to the parchment.
  7. Does that mean I'm off the hook?
  8. Thanks so much Amanda! I hadn't seen that thread. Bag is fabulous, now I know I need it!

    Of course, no longer needed. I got what I wanted.:smile:
  9. Gosh the parchment is just TDF!
  10. You're welcome. I remembered the thread and did a search for you. Glad I could help! :tup: