Anyone have picks wearing a Carly leather?

  1. I'm thinking of getting a medium Cary leather in brass/camel. Does anyone have pics wearing their Carly (any color or size) so I can get an idea of how the shape looks on? TIA!
  2. do a search- you should find a few. i know somebody's got the large black one somewhere.

    but there are more of us with a sig one- the leather is probably a bit slouchier.
  3. Here is my Carly in medium leather. Actually I had the large but thought it was too big but wish I would have kept it now. Click on picture to enlarge and they are not the best but at least an idea. I am 5'8"
    Picture 130.jpg Picture 131.jpg
  4. Oh my GOD I LOVE that! It looks sooo fantastic on the shoulder! O_O
  5. Thanks for posting those pics! I love the way it looks!
  6. here's my large carly in parchment

    now that i look at it, i don't know if i'm 100% thrilled with it...

  7. [​IMG]
  8. ^^ is that a medium?
  9. no, it's a large.