Anyone have pic of Plomb/Steel First?

  1. Has anyone purchased a Plomb/Steel First??? Pictures??? I am thinking about buying one and would be grateful to see any pictures you have. Thanks!:yes:
  2. Sorry, I don't have a pic. But I saw one the other day when I was in BNY and it was gorgeous. The leather on it was tdf and the color is really pretty IRL, a very dark grey with blue undertones.
  3. I saw it there too and it was really cute. I would definitely get it.
  4. I think there was someone who bought a Plomb city with SGH here? do a search...
  5. Here are pictures that BalNY sent me.
  6. I purchased a steel first, and I will try to post pics of it tonight.
  7. congrats! cant wait to see your pics!
  8. Oh YAY thanks! I can't wait to see.. This will be my first moto bag. I used to be an LV only fan but I got the balenciaga whistle on sale a couple weeks ago and recently found this forum. Now I'm hooked!

    I am deciding between the black/plomb.. and first/city. So far I am thinking plomb first.. and when I get my bonus in september, a black city :party: Oh, I'm going to be so poor..
  9. I dont but just want to say pictures dont do this color justice. After seeing pics of steel on here I didnt think I liked it and thought it looked too metalic. I then went to selfridges and about died over the first in this color! It was so gorg and the leather was to die for!! If only i hadnt just bought my first city 1 month ago and wasnt 23, i would be ALL over this!