Anyone have Piafs?

  1. I just ordered these shoes and was wondering if anyone has them and how you like them. I searched through the forum and couldn't find a pic of anyone with them on. I ordered the black ones. I'm having a heck of a time lately finding any shoes in my size that I like, but I've been thinking about ordering these to take the place of a pair of Charles David black pointy toe shoes that I have worn to death.

  2. I swear I saw priiin with a pair??
  3. I have them in black patent. They're really easy to walk in, and they fit TTS for me. I consider them an "all-day shoe," because they are really practical and the heel is low, so no worries about having sore feet.​
  4. That's exactly why I want them, snow white, so on days when I'm tired and don't feel like worrying about my feet hurting they should be a little more comfortable than some of my other shoes.
  5. I have these exact same pair. I love them. Very practical. However, I had to size down on these. I am usually 37 in CL shoes, but 36.5 in these. You would love them too.
  6. I think you'll be happy with them--they're my "walking shoes."

    I :heart: your adorable little pup, by the way--she always makes me smile!
  7. I've seen these and wondered what they look like on the foot. Can you post pics when you get them?

    Are they an "older" classic style?