Anyone have photos of Kelly pochette w/Twilly or pochette scarf?

  1. Hi everyone,

    Sorry if this has been repeated elsewhere. I'm wondering if any of you have photos you could post of how you wear a twilly or pochette scarf/pocket square (or maybe even the 70cm scarves) on the handle of a Kelly pochette bag. I just got the KP in gold as a present for a woman, I'm trying to decide whether to include a scarf and tie it on the handle and I'd love to see what it looks like or how you tie it on. My local Neiman Marcus doesn't have any Hermès pocket squares, and only a couple twillys. THANKS VERY MUCH for any photos or suggestions. I'm still not sure whether a twilly or any scarf on the KP is a bad idea; perhaps anything larger than a twilly is definitely too much, and even a twilly might detract from the tiny bag and look a little silly. Love your input. THANKS!