Anyone have photo of Reporter GM?

  1. Hi.... I am contemplating the Reporter in the GM size for travel and was wondering if anyone had a photo of it being carried..... I am wondering how large it will be for a woman and how cumbersome to carry when full etc......

    Thanks everyone ....Any input would be so helpful!
  2. [​IMG]
    i think this bag in the picture is smaller size..... but i hope it'll give you an idea! i'll find more later~!!!!
  3. I'll try and post a pic in the am. I am about 5'4" and use the Reporter GM as my carry-on. I travel very frequently and it's worked out great -- I wish my laptop fit in it, but....
    I love the reporter GM because it holds all my travel essentials and fits under the seat!
  4. Thank you both so much !!!! I'm 5'5" and wasn't sure if I'd be too short and the GM would be ginormous and weird-looking on me. I would love to see a photo of you wearing it Jugebair as I'm the same height as you ...

    Thanks for the photos Sophia618 .... they are so helpful. I really think this might be a good carry-on for me as I have a keepall 45 and it just seems to get too heavy to carry after a while..... and then I kinda wished I hadn't brought it with me :s
  5. wow. the GM seems huge on the mannequin!!