Anyone have or will get a clear bag?

  1. I might get one, like an Oscar, or less expensive that a commenter on my blog told me about.

    Is that crazy??? Does anyone like them? Are they useful, you think?
  2. I have one for when I go to the track. They like them so they don't have to go rifling through your stuff.
  3. Ahh. Is it a cute one?
  4. Amazingly adorable doggie, too!
  5. the only clear bag that i would ever want is the LV Ambre PM. other than that, i'm not a fan of letting everyone see what I'm toting around.
  6. Nah! It's a Tony Stewart NASCAR one. I also have a cheap Maxx NY one which is cuter. It has pink leather trim.
  7. Ooh no, I am a carrier of chaos in a smart package and the idea of losing the smart package and revealing the chaos to the world is a nightmare!
  8. good for the beach but for everyday.. not so much. everyone can see what's inside so you would have to be conscious of what you're showing and be neat as well cause it will appear messy w/ a bunch of things thrown in there.
  9. I agree with Miss Sooky that it is the package I want people to see, and not its contents! A clear bag rather defeats the purpose of having a bag at all for me.

    But if you work retail or in another business that must check your bags before exiting, then it makes sense.
  10. personally not me :p
    i'll be too embarassed to have inside of my bag showed to everyone...
    i brought lots and lots of stuff and usually are very messy like lots of candy, chocolate, sometimes tampons :p
  11. they're not for me--I lug way too much junk around with me.
  12. Definitely wouldn't want people seeing all my stuff, especially because I carry so much with me. I look at clear bags like I look at clear shoes, not for me.
  13. i wouldn't want people seeing my tampons, birth control, pepper spray, where to locate my wallet, whatever else i may have on me. haha.
  14. ^^ likewise, I just couldn't handle that.
  15. I would love a GM Ambre Tote for the beach but just too much money for a beach bag.