Anyone have one of these?

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  1. Very elegant.
  2. D, if I'm not mistaken, it's PM per the diameter measurement given in the description. PM's diameter is usually 2.5" while the GMs are 2.75"--check the measurement against your Ano cuff to be sure--yours is a PM right? If so, s/b 2.5" and it should fit you well.
  3. What is this bracelet called??? It's gorgeous.
  4. IRL it is stunning! GET IT! GET IT!
  5. Mmm nice. Is that an older style?
  6. Love this shopmom!! I'm sold on all the bracelets lol! And oh - it's a 'color'!!!!
  7. Beautiful color and so simple and elegant!
  8. Pretty bracelet and very nice seller!
  9. It's a keeper IMO.
    Go for it.
  10.'s lovely guys but it's TOO BIG for me!!!! 8-1/4" will slide way down on my hand. Can't do much as I'd like just won't fit. :sad:

    Thank you for all your help!!!!!! Gotta let this one pass...............
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