Anyone have one of these?

  1. I have one and it held my Large Carly when it was packed full of stuff.
  2. I have something similar, and it works well. My problem is, call me anal, but if I hang my bag off the side of the table, I always have this vision of the server spilling food or drink onto or into my bag. I usually try to put my bag on an unoccupied chair if its just my husband and myself and there IS an extra chair, or if not and I have to hang it on my chair, I put the bag on first, then hang my jacket or vest over it on the back of the chair so no one can lift the bag off ( plus it covers my bag so it can't get bumped or touched). I think I probably need therapy or something!:confused1:
  3. ive seen these but didnt think they could work!
  4. Interesting... seems (especially from the pic) that this would be a great way for your purse to get swiped....
  5. I have one too. My mom got it for me for Christmas. She bought it at CVs, but I have seen them at Linens and Things too. You can get a set of 2, Brass and nickel for about $10. I hung my purse from the pew in front of me in church and when the people in that pew got up it fell and made a loud bag (from all the hardware). I won't do that again. It works great on tables though!
  6. i have one and i LOVE it!
    here's a link to the one i bought -

    i was skeptical, but it works GREAT!
    my boyfriend makes fun of me, though. :sweatdrop:

    i use it at work everyday and when i go anywhere, actually! :yes:
    i put my purse on it, then hang it from the edge, and then i scoot my chair in so its tucked between my legs.

    the only thing is that what you hang it on HAS to have a lip, otherwise...i don't know how to explain it. but yeah, it needs a lip. lol.

    like a desk, you can't hang it in front of drawers,
    but you can hang it on where your legs go.

    or maybe that just goes for the one i have, but i imagine not.
    anywho. sorry, just my $0.02

    i say get it! i LOVE mine! :tup:
  7. Oooh I love these hooks, but $9+ is quite a crazy price, I buy mine from the supermarkets, usually come in a pack of 3 or 4 for less than $5 altogether. They're useful when dining at sushi parlors where the seat is usually a backless bar stool, hanging my bag on church pues in front of me, and other places where I'd otherwise might forget to take my bag on exit.
  8. I saw these at Bed, Bath, and Beyond...don't know how much they were there, though.

  9. Well, honey, we both need therapy because I'm EXACTLY the same, and DH knows to always "surrender" his jacket for the cause (I'm usually cold so I frequently keep mine on)!! :yes: Even when I put my bag on the seat in a booth, his jacket goes down first and also covers my entire bag. I learned the hard way because I once got sour cream that had been spilled in the seat on my new Juicy Couture bag (first time I used it):crybaby:, and I don't EVER take chances with my Coach bags. I also tend to eat with people that like to use me for target practice when they knock their drinks over, so I want my bag far away from all servers and dangerous people. :smile:
  10. My friend showed me some that were really cute, but I didn't believe they worked. Now I think I'll get one. We have 5 people in our family, so when we go out there isn't usually room left at the table to put it.
  11. I hang mine on the inside of the table, between me and the wall.
  12. they work great on tables...
  13. Oh ya! I have one!!!! I think it's one of the BEST inventions ever! LOL! I am PARANOID to hang my handbag on the back of my chair and would NEVER set them on the floor. If they can't sit in a chair or next to me in a booth, I whip out my hanger! :smile: