Anyone Have Nimbus PM MOdeling PICS! Help and HUrry!

  1. I am debating one of these on elux...and have little time to decide. I have yet to see a pm modeled...please help....Thanks:sweatdrop:
  2. LOL, I had it in my shopping cart for a while.

    No one has posted modeling pics as far as I know.
  3. :cursing:....I am going to just order it...and return if need be. I guess...why isn't there a pic of just one???:crybaby:
  4. Awwww Jen!!!! I say go for it girl :smile:
  5. ok...I have been bad...real bad. I ordered the Perle Nimbus PM ...we shall see. I have been so confused for like a week. I have become obsessed with the cloud line. I cancelled my stratus, because of the color, double straps and $ amount.

    The grey looks more doable, IMO and I have only used my white bags a few times. Maybe this way I will get more use out of it. We shall see....I cannot stop thinking about this line. What is wrong with me?
  6. Congrats Ghost55!!! I can't wait to see pictures of it! Even if you decide to return it, please do us a favor and take modeling pictures first! lololol I cannot believe we STILL haven't seen pictures!

    I also got to thinking, there hasn't been a celebrity spotting of a gray Nimbus yet!!!!!!
  7. Congrats!!!
  8. I've been waiting for Nimbus PM modeling pics for long time...

    common girls....we need pics here :hysteric:
  9. Aren't the ones I posted pics?
  10. ^^ I think they are all GM. Thanks for the threads though~ LOVE the eye candy!:heart:

    I do think I have become insane. I never dreamed I would be spending all my time obsessing and freaking out about a bag.
  11. Hm... Well I am not so sure that they would let me take modeling picture if I didn't buy it. Lol... I did see it and got to hold it, touch it, tried it on at the store though. Sorry... I figured someone would have bought it and modeled it so I didn't ask them.
  12. Tulum GM is same size as Nimbus PM...but I feel Nimbus looks smaller.
    0905nimbus.jpg 0905tulum.JPG
  13. I am waiting for PM but I didn't get it!
  14. Thanks for the pics! ^^^...I am definitely NOT going to cancel this one...I am going to let it come to me. I can't stand not living by an LV:wtf:

    What do you mean? waiting but didn't get...what happened?