Anyone have Neuropathy?

  1. I know neuropathy is just a catch-all term for an assortment of symptoms, but I'm a bit nervous and confused, and thought maybe some of you have gone through these issues. My doctor said I have neuropathy, and we're working on what it might be. I've been having tingling and numbness in my extremities (which, honestly, does NOT have to happen in the middle of a symphony rehearsal :hysteric:), have had a leg fall out from under me while walking, a "heavy" arm where it was quite uncomfortable to lift it, and hard to grip with my hands....and a few other symptoms which might be considered TMI here, ot to mention quite embarrassing.

    I'm currently in the testing stage for different conditions that might be causing my symptoms. I'm going to have a neck and back x-ray, to see if I have some kind of disk slippage...and then a ton of blood tests: ANA (for Lupus), Vitamin B12, Westergrens (sp), Thyroid, and more I cannot remember as of now! She also mentioned MS; I am frightened of that, as an aunt of mine passed away from the disease.

    Perhaps I'm just hoping for some words of encouragement, some advice or similar stories...or maybe a good butt kicking to keep me from freaking out before even getting a proper diagnosis! :boxing:

    Multisyllabic medical terms are a bit scary. :s
  2. Are you a diabetic by chance? It's not unusual for diabetics to have neuropathy.

    If the "TMI" part is related to bowel/bladder, get thee to a neurologist. Your family history may be the explanation, but again DO NOT FREAK OUT. You need a proper diagnosis. Not the musings of tPF members. ;)
  3. Yes, it's my bladder. :shame::hrmm:

    I did go to the doctor yesterday, and will have all these tests done soon. I suppose she will refer me to a neurologist if any of the tests are wonky. We shall see!

    I don't have diabetes...was tested a bit ago for that one.

    I just need some support from my tPF guys are always so sweet/empathetic/butt-kicking-when-needed. :lol:

    (((PP))) Thanks for your response! Hope the violin is going well. :love:
  4. Good Vibes your way......keep us posted......:tup::heart:H
  5. (((Habanerita))) Thanks!

    Today I had a gazillion tubes of blood drawn, and x-rays of my Cervical and Lumbar spine. I am feeling relieved, and hopeful that these tests will show what is wrong with me, and how to fix it!

    No embarrassing incidents in a few days, only some muscle, I'm very greatful for that!
  6. I had tingling in my feet for awhile but it turns out once my dr stopped the topamax I was taking the tingling stopped too.
  7. Keep us posted, Sweetie! I'm thinking about you. :flowers:
  8. Well, the X-rays and blood test results came in...

    Ruled out: Thyroid, other hormones, Lupus, Slipped Disk, Compressed nerve, Westenberg's, Infection, Diabetes (again), and all the other options.

    She did find some scoliosis, thinning of bone, and arthritis in my lower spine (I'm 27! :confused1:).

    It is now a waiting game. I have to twiddle my thumbs for 3 months to see if my symptoms go away, or worsen. I will then have another X-ray and, "if needed", and MRI and CT scan of my brain, to see if there are any plaques (that would be MS), or something that would point to a neurological disease.

    The day I got the results I was pretty freaked answers, and all the "easy" diagnoses were ruled out. I was hoping for something simple. :lol: With help from family and friends, though, I was able to step back and realize I need to take one day at a time. Whatever is going on, is going on...worrying is not going to do anything. I'm trying to follow that advice!

    I found some Emu Oil cream (I SOOO do not want to know how they get oil out of an emu! :lol::nogood:), and it's actually helping with my finger stiffness and mobility! Any other remedies or advice you have, I'd greatly appreciate!

    I'd like to thank you all for the means the world to me. :love: