Anyone have more than one agenda?

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  1. I have two and just bought another. (two small ring and one medium)

    They are all different but I'm just trying to figure out if I need all of them

    For those of you who have more than one---how do you use them?
  2. Look at Caannie's collection, she's the agenda queen !
  3. I have a medium damier agenda, a mini monogram agenda, a mini satin agenda and a carnet de bal! And I want more!!! I loooooove agendas!!!
  4. i love them too. They are so cute. But my thing is --how do you use them all?

    Do you use them all as agendas and trade them out to match your bags? Or do you use some as wallets or what?

    I'm trying to justify having 3 agendas.
  5. i have two.... :P mono tiny agenda (discontinued version with pencil which i bought over 10yrs ago...still looks awesome!) and small ring...
    since i've been using the tiny one, the small ring is on the bed rest:sleepy: --- poor thing hasn't seen the day light for month! :Push:

    i bought tons of clear photo refill and thinking about making it into photo album. i have lots of LV papers my best friend gave me too.... but i'm so afraid to write anything in it!! :graucho:
  6. I use the medium as my main agenda for info to keep while the mini monogram goes in my purses for changeable info. The carnet de bal and the monogram satin are my "special" going out ones.
  7. i have 3. one small ring that i dont use.. i gave it to my cousin. one desk agenda that i use religiously. and then i have the pocket agenda that i use as my checkbook wallet. :smile:
  8. Do you have any pictures of your mini agendas??
  9. I'll try to post a picture of my agendas tonight! =)
  10. Thanks soo much! That would help a ton! I'd love to get the smallest one possible, but I'm not sure if it'll leave me enough room to write my assignments. Also, what paper do you have inside? All the refill paper available through eLuxury for the mini was address book paper. Did you find any for just plain lined paper or even agenda paper? Sorry, I am asking so much from you!
  11. ^^ there are NO rings inside the mini therefore all you can purchase is the address book from lv otherwise i dont know if you can find paper that tiny for the mini. the small agenda is the best size and has rings to put paper in. the mini agendas are preety much useless unless you have the lv address book and use it just to keep address, names, numbers etc. but you cant put paper in it, i mean there are no rings.
  12. GoldenLeopardLady has a massive collection of agendas. You should check it out.
  13. totally great to have more than one agenda, I have a mini, a medium, a carnet de bal, and I'm going to get a small vernis......I like to use the smaller ones instead of a wallet, my medium is my work staple hands down, then I use other small ones in bags...I can't wait to get the small vernis, just waiting another week or two and I'm going to buy it!