Anyone have more than 1 cat?


Dec 23, 2006
Los Angeles
I have a 7 month old neutered boy who is my BABY! I love him to pieces and he is the sweetest kitty ever! :heart:

Lately I have been considering getting him a friend to play with. Not sure if he will do well with another cat or not, but I came across a pretty boy that is currently at the pound. *sniff sniff* He is 3 years old and neutered and declawed :confused1: and was a return because the owners decided they did not want a cat anymore. There are TONS of kittens in the shelter and I am sure that most people there would rather get a new cute kitten than a full grown boy so I am kinda torn about what to do. He is just such a cutie! He rubbed against the cage and rolled over to his belly when I peered into his cage. He really did steal my heart. I just do not want anything to happen to him...

My question is it trying to introduce an older male cat to a younger one? They will both be neutered when they meet, but will it cause any problems? Will the older one spray? If he is going to spray...I cannot have him since I have 3 young boys in my house and dont want to smell cat pee everywhere. WIll they most likely get along? I am just going back and forth on this. I know my cat would probably prefer a kitten to be introduced in the house.

Any advice would be great since I have until tomorrow to decide if we will be picking him up or not, *Tomorrow I think is his last day..* :sad: I just want to make sure I make the right decision instead of just only thinking with my heart and not my head. Thanks!

Here is a pic of him. Is he not the cutest?



Mar 7, 2007
He is a cutie. That is a very tough decision. I won't go to shelters because if I did, I would have about 3000 animals. I have had 2 cats in the past. I personally won't get a male cat ever again. They do spray because it is a territory thing. You may not notice it at first but summer is coming and all of a sudden you will smell it. This smell never ever goes away. I had to move after my kitty passed away. I think you should maybe get a female. This is only my experience.


Nov 30, 2006
I dont think anyone is going to be able to tell you what the outcome will be with certainty--you just have to give it a trial run, I think and hope for the best. If the new cat does not work out after a few weeks/whatever, maybe you can find a rescue organization or a friend who can take him in instead.

Personally, have 2 cats, but we had the older one first and then got the kitten. They don't cuddle or anything, but they certainly tolerate each other. No spraying, but they are females.


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May 23, 2006
:crybaby::crybaby::crybaby:Please give him a chance...He already made a good impression, and he just needs a chance. :crybaby:
You can start by introducing them slowly, have one area designated for each and let them interact for 10 minutes, then 30 min. and so on.

I wish I could go get him...:crybaby: I prefer older cats. He sounds like he will be a good cat. If he is declawed, I would make him more of an indoor cat, just like my Betty.

I will be thinking about you and the sleep for me tonight!


Aug 11, 2006
Give him a chance!
I have 2 male cats and they get along perfectly both are neutered and no one sprays! I had 3 male cats until one passed away last year, they all got along so well.
Mine were all adopted from shelters at various times and ages so try not to worry!


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Aug 23, 2006
It sounds like that cat is meant for you!
I have 8 cats, 4 of them neutered males. None of the males spray or have any territory issues to speak of, and all 8 get along surprisingly well. I did not get them all at the same time--I'm not that crazy!!--so I've had some experience introducing new cats into the household. Here is what I recommend:

Prepare a quiet room in your house such as a guest room, laundry room, or whatever. It should be a room that can be shut off from the rest of the house. Put a litter box in there and food and water dishes. When you have brought your new cat home take him directly to the quiet room and shut the door. If he will let you, stroke him and reassure him for a few minutes and then leave him alone to explore the room and get used to the new smells, etc.

Your other cat no doubt knows by now that something is afoot!! It's OK for him to sniff the door of the quiet room, stick his paw under the door, vocalize, etc., but do not open the door and let him go in there. Give it several days. Of course you can go into the quiet room as much as you like to play with your new kitty because after all he has to get to know you, too!

Here's the weird part but I swear this works: take a pair of clean socks, put one over your hand and spend several minutes stroking and rubbing your "old" cat with it. Then go into the quiet room, leave that sock in there with your new cat and do the same thing with the other sock, stroking and rubbing the new kitty with it Then give that sock to your "old" kitty. See what I mean? A scent exchange!

So anyway, after several days take new kitty out of the quiet room to another room where old kitty spends time, such as your bedroom,and let him sniff around in there while old kitty gets to explore the quiet room. It's OK if they see each other at this point but don't force a meeting. You may want to do this room exchange for a couple of days depending on how they react. If there's a lot of negativity the process will have to be drawn out. If they seem pretty calm about it then you can proceed to step three which is to leave the door of the quiet room open and let (don't force it!) a face to face meeting occur. Remember that the quiet room has become a safe place for new kitty so try not to let negative events happen in there. Hopefully by now they have become used to eachother's scents and the introduction phase will be over. IF there is a lot of acting out---hissing, growling, fighting, litter box issues--then you have to start over. Sometimes two cats simply cannot learn to get along, unfortunately. But it's never happened to me. Don't expect them to be bosom buddies right away, there will probably be a little acting-out as they establish a working relationship.

I know this sounds like a lot of work but it really isn't, and it's worth it in the end to make a smooth transition from a single-cat household to a two (or more!) cat household.

Of course you can always try the old chucking them together and letting the chips fall as they may, but this method doesn't always work very well and is stressful for everyone involved.

Sorry for the long post!!! GOOD LUCK!!!! Let us know how it works out!!

PS Leave new kitty's litter box and food bowl in the safe room for a couple of days after you let him out so he will still feel like he has a retreat.


Sep 9, 2006
I dont think anyone is going to be able to tell you what the outcome will be with certainty--you just have to give it a trial run, I think and hope for the best. If the new cat does not work out after a few weeks/whatever, maybe you can find a rescue organization or a friend who can take him in instead.

Personally, have 2 cats, but we had the older one first and then got the kitten. They don't cuddle or anything, but they certainly tolerate each other. No spraying, but they are females.
I agree with Litigatrix... No one can tell the outcome... If you are not ready to give it a try, then maybe you are not ready to adopt any cat yet. Even getting a kitten can cause your current boy to start spraying...


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Jun 6, 2006
Highland, Maryland
I have two cats, but they're actually siblings. My sister has two cats (definately not siblings). She brought the older cat (about six) into her home when her younger cat was about one. Things worked out beautifully after a couple of weeks.

I've heard other great success stores too. I think that usually pets learn to work things out between themselves. I also think pets appreciate having other pets in the household with them.

Good luck with your decision! I do hope you decide to give this guy a home. I know you'll make a great mommy to him.


Feb 17, 2006
He looks so adorable! Please give him a chance and take him home with you. Fingers crossed for him, for your 7-month old and you that it will all work out!


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If you're worried about spraying, maybe you could use Feliway (

I got my cats as kittens, 1 week apart, they were both neutered, we got Ezekiel (male) first and Lucile (female) one week later, but Ezekiel was quite territorial and Lucile was scared out of her wits when we first brought her home. So there was a bit of spraying going on. So we got Feliway reccommended to us, we got a diffuser that stayed on 24/7 (it last about 1 month) and it did the trick.

I also totally agree with what madamefifi said, about letting them get to know eachother through the crack of a closed door. And when they're ready, to start off with, only ever let them come face to face if you're also in the same room until they stop hissing and cussing at eachother. My 2 cats spent a whole week hissing at each other before they started sleeping and going everywhere together. Now they're inseperable.

I think it's great that you're in love with that 3 year old beauty. I hope all goes great for you guys!!!!!!!! :flowers:


Dec 23, 2006
Los Angeles
Just a quick update for those of you who were concerned:

I went back and he was not there!! I checked the website as well and his picture was no longer on the website either. They would not tell me what happened to him due to privacy issues, but I am pretty confident that someone else went and got him before I could get to him! I am kinda sad as I really would have liked to have him, but I am also sooooo relieved that there are other people who think just like me and gave him a chance. I hope that wherever he is..he is happy and loving his new home. Thank you to everyone who helped me out. You have convinced me to go ahead and get another kitty when I come across one that I think will be a perfect fit! :heart: