Anyone have modelling pics of Le Confident and Le Precieux?

  1. I'm a bit unsure about the sizes irl of these two bags, does anyone have comparison pics or modelling pics?
    The info from says:

    Le Confident: 10.6"x7"x5.9" (27x18x15 cm) $2.250 (€1.500)
    Le Précieux: 9.45"x4.7"x1.5" (24x12x4 cm) $1.120 (€750)

    So, Le Confident obviously is much larger - too large for an evening bag?
    Le Precieux - how much does it hold, compared to a pochette?

    Thanks for your help :love:

    (pics from elux)
    p11615895_ph_althero_White.jpg p11615860_ph_althero_White.jpg
  2. Here's some of the Le Confident, from what I've heard the Le Precieux is very small. You can detach the shoulder strap to make a clutch, I think especially in black or white it could be a lovely evening bag. I returned mine as I think I should have chosen black -- I may replace it eventually as that was my only complaint, grey isn't my colour - I think I just really wanted to see Verone at the time :smile: lol there is also an outer magnetic claps pocket at the back.

    Main concern I have heard about size is width -- I am wearing it empty, I think if you pack alot into it that could be the case, but for an evening back you proably wouldn't.

    LeConf.jpg LeConf2.jpg LeConf1.jpg LeConf4.jpg
  3. Don't have modeling pics but saw both IRL a couple of weeks ago.

    The precieux is to smal and confident too big :sad: The bottom doesn't look flattering to me, it's so wide.
  4. i saw both in the Toronto boutique, and i wasn't impressed. the Le Precieux works as an evening bag, but it's small. SMALL. and the Le Confident is too bulky to be an evening bag, and the strap gives it that 'rugged' look, which kind of makes it 'inappropriate' as an evening bag
  5. I really love the Le Confident but not the price.
  6. i saw both IRL also. the confident is VERY bulky. much bigger than the pic on elux depicts it as. it didn't feel comfortable on my shoulder. the base of the bag was wide and made my arm stick out when i put my arm over the bag. the precieux is very cute, a small evening clutch. too small to carry my everyday items. i'd get the precieux, if i could justify that much money for a small clutch.
  7. Thanks for the input!!!
    Hmmm, Le Confident appears very bulky, not very practical as an evening bag, really. I like the removable strap of Le Precieux, seems verstile etc, but maybe a tad small....
  8. Thanks for posting the pics, Vista. The Saks LV here doesn't even carry it. I've been really curious to see what it looked like IRL.
  9. My store is so small that they don't even have these bags, and I still haven't seen the verone! :sad:
  10. both bags are cute, the small is more elegant. Anyone has a modeling pic with the precieux?