Anyone have modeling pics of a Signature Stripe Tote?

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  1. The ones from last year? Either the Reversible ones or 11098? I am wanting a smaller tote. I only have Huge totes and sometimes I just want something smaller.

    I am just concerned if it will fit over my shoulder comfortably. I am not going to get into my weight but I am a sz 16... so some bags just don't have a big enough strap length/drop for me. If anyone has comparison pics to other bags (so I can guess at the size) that would be nice too.

    Thanks! I :heart: you girls/guys!!!
  2. I don't have modeling pics (and my cam battery isn't charged at the moment) but I think the strap drop is too short. It is not very easy to just throw over the shoulder (I'm a big girl) and meh... it's so cute but that part drives me bonkers. I have the reversible type but realized I now prefer the one-strap type shoulder bag in the same patterns. I don't know if that was very clear haha. When my cam battery charges I will try to get you some pics!

  3. Thank you! I was afraid of not being able to toss it on my shoulder. I had the large denim tote from last summer and it went over my shoulder OK but I am concerned the smaller one may be different. It may not be for me. I wish I could try one on! :hysteric:
  4. Alrighty, here are modeling pics of my sig stripe reversible tote (#10124) my multicolored stripe one-handle shoulder tote (#10858) and my hamptons shoulder tote (#11669) for size comparison. You can see that the larger multicolored tote looks better and although the drop is actually shorter than the rev. tote it fits/looks better. The rev stripe tote is RIGHT up in my armpit (I know you wanted to see my armpit! haha!) and there isn't even anything in that bag... once I put things in it, it will slip off my shoulder more easily plus the smaller size just doesn't look as good with my body. I'm 5'6'' for height reference and yeah plus sized to say the least! :angel:

    I hope that helps! Let me know if you have more questions!

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  5. have some member photo's here, hope these help......

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  6. I don't have one but I tried one on last year. I am probably close to your size (I think I might be a bit taller?) but I am a size 16. The drop was too short for me to fit comfortably over my arm on my shoulder so I passed. Hope that helps.
  7. Thank you so much for the great pics! Yeah.. I don't think the tote bag will work for my needs.. I like the one with one strap though! I wish it came in Khaki/Gold. Maybe I will get the denim one.

    on a side note: You are going to love your large carly! Mine is such a good size for me. I also love the way you decorated your hamptons weekend hobo!! I have the same bag and I havent used it yet. I need a watercolor scarf now.
  8. Thank you Bag Fetish. I love how this bag looks on other people.. LOL! I love your's too.. You have the gold one I want. :love:

  9. Thank you, it does help a lot.;) I don't think I will be buying this bag even though I think it's so cute. I like a bag that I can toss on my shoulder. Maybe if I get to my goal weight I can get one. I have like 70 pounds to go. It will be a while:nuts:
  10. You're welcome! I love the khaki/gold combo... I hear ya with wishing things came in different styles! I am excited for my large carly! She should be here soon. The more I think about it, the more I think I should sell my reversible tote haha. Thanks for the compliments on my weekend hobo! Watercolor scarf was $29 at the outlet;) not that I'm enabling or anything! :graucho:
  11. Know how you feel. I was doing pretty well for a while but stress and crap is causing me all kinds of havoc. Shopping and eating make me feel better and I'm too poor to do much shopping. :Push:

  12. I"m sure you'll find one, I totally love this bag.
    excuse my jammies,

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  13. Tara... Macy's has the one strap bag in gold!! I've seen it at my Macy's and it is on
  14. Hey Taralindsey! I just got my black/gunmetal stripe tote in the mail... style #11099... it is definitely longer (more east/west) than the reversible style tote but not TOO much bigger and the straps fit better!!! I can put it on with one hand and my elbow makes it through! Here are some modeling pics of that style...I like this one a lot more than my reversible sig stripe!

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  15. tara i too am a big armed person, i think this bag might fit, but it would be one you would haveto put on your shoulder kwim?
    also macs has some of the new kind in a camel color that i want to check out they appear to have have gold leather..... i know what you mean though, khaki gold s my favorite style EVER!