Anyone have MJ Soft Leather North/South Hold-All

  1. Here is a link:

    I think it looks cute. I have never bought a MJ bag but many of them look beautiful to me. I would really appreciate feedback on this bag if you own it or have seen it.

    Also, is there a place online besides eluxury that might be good to check for this bag (where it **might** be on sale?)

    Thank you ladies! :yes: :heart: :flowers:
  2. i have the gold one. It is a very cute bag. Lots of pockets for stuff to get lost in. i love it... but it's very heavy!

  3. Thanks! Is the leather smooth or textured at all? Would you purchase it again? :P
  4. Jane Ann, I believe it's from the same line as the bag in the following listing, take a look:
    I have seen this white bag IRL, I highly recommend it. =)