Anyone have Meredith in blonde or slate color?

  1. If someone has one of these lighter colored Meredith bags, can you please tell me how it's holding up? Are you using it often? Would you say this could be an everyday bag or are these light colored bags showing wear and tear early?

    Also are you finding the flap convenient? Do you find you can reach in and grab cell phone or whatever pretty easily? Does the clasp work fine? I was having a bit of trouble opening and closing in in the store but maybe you just have to get used to it.

    Thank you.:yes:
  2. I'm wondering this too! I've got it in brown in my NM shopping bag but am not sure. The ones I see in the stores also seem all scratched that a typical thing or does having it all to yourself mean no scratches? sorry if that doesn't make sense...
  3. From other threads I think the leather on this is similar to Charlie and Nicole, which seems to be a little too sensitive in the lighter colors. Shame though, because these are gorgeous bags.
  4. The Meredith has the same sort of leather as the Charlie. I'm fearing the stores are going to be loaded with scratched scuffed display models they can't get rid of. I bet you start seeing them on eBay in "used" or store display condition.