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  1. Just wondering if anyone joined this site....i haven't really heard of it since i saw an ad for it..i was just wondering if it's a good site to join and if any of you had good/bad experiences with this site....what do you think about it?

    i dont know if i should join or not.............
  2. Id rather invest a bag I can use alot and often that is MINE only or buy used instead of "renting" bags. All the $$ you put towards those can be put towards buying one. Its kinda like the saying that says renters never get rich, but owners do (for houses).
  3. yeah i never thought of it that way...hehe! your dog is so cute by the way on your avatar..
  4. i kinda liked the idea, but their prices are ridiculous, with all the membership fees, shipping fees, i would much rather buy and own.
  5. yeah i didn't realize for the "diva" package which is most LV items are like $200 or so per month!!!!
  6. I signed up over two years ago, but I only borrowed something once. It doesn't seem worth it.
  7. the idea is good though especially if you are unsure if you'll actually like a bag it's a good way to try before you buy or prehaps with LE's if you couldn't get one or you like to rotate your bags alot then you don't have to spend a ton of money for something you'll only use for a little while
  8. Are they real bags?
  9. That's exactly what I thought It's so expensive to rent those bags. If you save the money you'd spend on renting those bags, you could buy one of your own instead.
    I only like the idea of renting a bag for a special event, if you want to wear a really expensive bag that you would only use like once in your life.

    With the prices they are charging, they'd better be real!
  10. LOL exactly.. I would be very upset if they tried to send a fake OR very used bag for the prices they are charging.
  11. there's been lots of threads about this already, please try a search:yes:
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