Tech Anyone have malware? svchost.exe question

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  1. I am not computer literate, and with that being said, I try and protect my computer as best as possible. I have Norton Internet Security but apparently it's not secure enough because I ran Malwarebytes and keep having to remove the svchost.exe malware every time.

    Anyone have any problems with this? If anyone can help someone who knows nothing about computers I greatly appreciate it!

    TIA~~~ :flowers:
  2. Did you run anti virus in safe mode? If not, reboot your PC, when you see it running through the BIOS checks, hold down F8. Eventually a menu will pop up. Choose safe mode without network connection. Once in safe mode, navigate to Malwarebytes, run it, then make sure you quarantine the malware. That should work. If you keep getting it, then it probably has to do with a site you're hitting. You keep getting reinfected.

    Oh, svchost.exe is a legitimate file. The virus is a "trojan" cause it's named the same thing. The difference is the legit svchost is in the c:\windows\system32 folder. The trojan is located somewhere else. The latter is the one that needs to go.
  3. Thank you for the help! I will try and reboot the laptop and hold down F8. I have an ethernet connection, I should just pull that out right? I'm afraid the wi-fi on the laptop will automatically turn on.

    I actually upgraded my Malwarebytes and every time I boot up the laptop they block a trojan which I'm assuming is associated with the svchost.exe trojan. I did read up that the svchost.exe is a legitimate file.