Anyone have Madison Dotted Op Art Carryall

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  1. Hi fellow Coach lovers - Need some help. I haven't shopped Coach since last fall and happened across a bag on eBay that I really like. It's the dotted op art carryall in black. But before I buy, I want to know if some of the sig C's are shiny like the sig C's on the purple cosmetic case.
  2. No, if it is the black opt art then there is not any lurex in the print. I have it in purple and that one does have the lurex. I found the black opt art Sophia at my outlet and got it but never used it b.c. it looked so sad compared to my purple opt art so in the end I returned it. Hope I helped you!
  3. Yes that helps. What do you mean by lurex? I've heard the term but not sure what it means. On my purple cosmetic case, closeup, looks like a silvery thread.
  4. That is what the silvery thread is called...lurex. :balloon: