Anyone have LV bad dreams?

  1. This is silly but last night before I went to bed I was wandering around eBay and other sites looking for deals while also reading threads here. I went through the S/S '07 thread and really liked the Dentelle (sp?) line. Anyways, I had this really bad dream last night. It was about Dentelle. The line came out but they kept pricing it higher and higher. I was freaking because the bags were going for $13,000 ++ new from LV (I know - weird) and I was at the LV store asking the SA if I couldn't just get the wallet I loved for under $10,000. I don't remember anything else. Weird dream huh?? LOL! :s
  2. hahaha..yeah..I usually have them right when I about to purchase a new a day or two away...

    But...I remember one where I was at Nieman's and I usually don't like to get it at Niemans soo I was really hesitant on getting this one wallet that I wanted..for some reason it seemed really sketch..and so I got it and for some reason I determined it was I spent the rest of the dream trying to return it..

    p.s. when I actually did buy the wallet the day was NOT at Neimans...:lol:

  3. omg, YES!!!! Everytime I researched a handbag before I purchased it, I would dream about the bag 2 0r 3 nights before I would go to the store to try it on!
  4. haha YES! i wouldnt have remebered unless someone asked,lol. i dreamt once i was in this beautiful hotel and someone switched my mc speedy for a fake, an obvious one and mine was GONE and everyone in the hotel was in on it and wouldnt help me..i woke up all scared and looked at my bag on the floor and like was able to calm down. scary dream :crybaby:
  5. That's so funny! Glad I'm not the only one.
  6. None for me yet.
  7. none for me yet either, but i do recall there are tPFer having bad dreams about Vernis-something about they all melted together when she open the box, another one about a spary can labled Pomme D'Amour w/instructions of how to 'color' the Vernis to pomme....spooky!
  8. :roflmfao:
  9. HaHa .... :roflmfao:
  10. Yeah... you bet. I dreamt that someone burnt a hole through my large Damier Musette and I totally freaked. I woke up immediately and wanted to check it but I realised I didn't own a Damier Musette. LOL
  11. Haha! Weird.. I have LV dreams sometimes too b/c I think about it so much! I forget what the dreams are about though!