Anyone have luck getting replacement straps?

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  1. Ladies,

    I'm looking to purchase a black twisted lil' riz on *bay. I found one that is going cheap because it is missing the longer detachable strap. Has anyone had luck getting a replacement strap for their Riz or Hilliers?

  2. I think some ladies here have found it separately or Diego sent them (I think, but it was a diff bag & he had a spare).
  3. Thanks for responding! I e-mailed Diego this morning, I just wanted to get an idea of whether people had had any luck doing this in the past, just in case the auction ended before I heard back from him.
  4. Diego already responded and he is sending me a replacement strap!! He is a miracle worker! :yahoo: Thank you Diego!!
  5. yaya I'm glad it worked out for you! I hope you get the bag! :biggrin:
  6. I need a replacement for a tan Marc Jacobs Hillier Hobo...badly! I have wanted an MJ bag for so long and finally I have the opportunity to purchase a beautiful one in my price range, though without the strap. Do you know where I can get one/ is 'Diego' someone I could get in touch with?
    Thanks so much!
  7. Yea, heres his thread:

    And his emails:
  8. that's awesome! :yahoo:
  9. Wow - I hate to be the debbie downer here, but I was looking for a black replacement strap for my black pw stam. I started asking repairs in the 3rd week of November and after many many many very polite email, finally got one in February - in cream color.:sad:

    So my experience with repairs hasn't been the same delight as other tPFers. :shucks:
  10. I have the MJ hobo hillier purse in newsprint color. The strap is a little short to make it a comfortable crossbody bag. I was wondering if there was any way i could purchase an extra strap in the same color for it.... or if i could purchase a strap for the large hobo hillier. Please let me know. Thank you!!
  11. that's too bad. maybe they didn't have back though. i would think the cream color could be easily dyed to match though :tup:
  12. ^ITA with Jun. Cream would be easy to dye to black.
  13. I was hoping for something that I could dye! Unfortunately, I was sent me the exact same chain that I was trying to replace, the solid chain without the leather shoulder strap in the center. So I just shrugged, decided that it wasn't meant to be and sold the bag.... :shucks:
  14. agdsfsdaf
  15. how quick did you get the strap?